The perfect position for our static camera observing the Earth

The software Space Engine gives you the opportunity to fly to many massive objects in the known universe. You can virtually go to the polar areas of the moon and search for a nice spot for a permanent observation of the earth. Most of the upcoming missions will go to the south pole, while water depots might be bigger there. I'd prefer to go to moon's north pole, while earth would be visible facing north on the top of the picture. With Space Engine I found a nice spot close to Hinshelwood crater, that gives you the visiblity I have rendered in my videos. The spot would be: 88°50'48" North and 63°44'48" West:

Proposed position of the observatory of the earth on moons 88°50'48 North and 63°44'48 West
This was the first time our human race was able to see our planet from an other world. You see the earth rising above the lunar horizon. The picture was taken from the Apollo 10 Lunar Module, looking west in the direction of travel.

"EARTHRISE" shot with Apollo 10, May 24 1969 © by NASA.